Advantages of the BTL91 successor

An advantage of the BTL91 successor is that a file can contain multiple batches and that all types of payments can be processed. With software developed by PayGlobal Technology B.V., all types of payment files can be created, converted, edited or checked. Both converting BTL91 and generating BTL 91 is no problem with our software.

BTL91 software

Many systems at Dutch organizations are not yet ready for the phasing out of the BTL91 files. The ERP or CRM system simply cannot create the new format, or a costly update has to be purchased. With the large software packages there are usually also high implementation costs. An attractive alternative is specialized software that on the one hand gives your department the flexibility to generate all types of files such as BTL91 and on the other hand saves a lot of money for your organization.

With our IBANC software you can import a BTL91 file with a few mouse clicks, check and / or edit it if necessary and then export it in the new GPF XML format. All regular file formats, such as Excel, CSV and XML, can also be converted by the software or completely built from the address book. Because the software runs offline within your own network or system, you have everything under control.

Future of BTL91

Due to the standardization of the European payment files, this Dutch format, BTL91, will be replaced by the “Generic Payment File”, an ISO 20022 XML variant. Organizations will have to incur high costs and many hours must be spent on migration and implementation. PayGlobal Technology B.V. offers you a better alternative. Please feel free to contact our team to discuss the possibilities.